Licensed Facilities

Licensed facilities meet certain minimum standards for cleanliness, safety, and adult qualifications. All of the spaces to which the children have access have been inspected by an agent of the licensing body. The inspector has verified that potentially harmful objects and substances are not accessible to a child, that there is adequate space for the number of children allowed, and that the facility maintains current information regarding each of the children and their parents.  The caregivers are required to have current certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). They have been advised of their legal responsibility to report suspicions of child abuse and neglect. Of course, inspectors are not always present and even the most safety-conscious caregiver is only human. If a parent notices a possible safety hazard, a quick word to the caregiver should be all that is needed to correct it. Most providers move beyond the minimum standards set forth by the state.

Licensed Family Childcare

Programs which operate in the home of the main care provider.


LifeWays North America is devoted to developing healthy childcare, parent-infant and parent-child programs, and training programs for caregivers, parents and parent educators. These activities are inspired by the works of Rudolf Steiner and the experience of Waldorf education and are supported by contemporary early childhood research as well as common sense and wisdom of many generations of parents. Click here to visit the Lifeways website.

LifeWays incorporates the insights of Rudolf Steiner with contemporary insights of Joseph Chilton Pearce, Jane Healy, Barry Sanders, David Elkind, Stanley Greenspan, Berry Brazelton and the work of the late Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler. In LifeWays, care focuses around the importance of relationship, continuity of care, and taking the home and nurturing arts as a foundation.

Certified Waldorf Teacher

Waldorf teacher training programs are based on Rudolf Steiner’s insights into the nature of the human being. The early childhood teacher training is based on the latest research and understanding of the need to protect the wonder of childhood. Courses include the study of child development, building collaborative relationships with parents, and artistic work. The curriculum is focused on developmentally appropriate care giving and creating life-nourishing environments that enhance growth and development.

A Certified Waldorf Teacher is someone who has completed a training from a recognized training program. This training can be anything from two years full time to four years part time.